The Rise of Tiktok as customer engagement for retailers during COVID-19

The Rise of Tiktok as customer engagement for retailers during COVID-19

Consumers are stuck inside in their homes and winding down the days with social media apps. Although they are not able to shop at physical retail stores, online shopping has never been easier, and retailers need to take advantage of this opportunity. Tiktok is the best customer engagement during COVID-19 and will be the new way for retailers to engage with customers shortly.

TikTok is the fastest growing social app in the U.S. Modern Retail revealed that 44% of TikTok’s total 1.65 billion downloads were generated in 2019. This social app has 800 million-plus monthly users, and retailers are using this app to attract younger consumers. During COVID-19, Tik-Tok is helping retailers survive the crisis by providing a large consumer base.

Modern Retail interviewed Antoine Forest, CEO of influencer marketing agency Stargazer, and found that younger social media users find Instagram’s look as too fake. The influencer says, “People seem to be more genuine and transparent on it, and often they want to show the products in a fun and entertaining way,” Thus, younger consumers are looking for authentic stories from brands. This is because 60% of TikTok users are Gen Zers. Wallaroo Media reported that 74 million people in the U.S. would be part of “Gen Z,” which will make it the largest generation of all. Generation Z will be trendsetters and leaders in social apps, and retailers need to partner with these social influencers to continue to be relevant.

Levi’s, one of the largest sellers of denim jeans, strengthen its advertising partnership with Tik Tok by being the first retailers to use the shop now feature. Tech Crunch revealed that Levi’s has seen high engagement from the Gen Zers and increased traffic to its website. Levi’s closed their doors on their stores, and they needed to increase their online shopping sales.

How does the shop now feature will retailers? Retailers that partner with influencers allows brands to communicate with their consumers, and brands develop long-term relationships to cater to their needs. Power Retail reveals that social selling has become increasingly popular in recent years with the use of social pages to sell goods to the consumer. Instagram and Facebook are the leaders of this type of shopping because consumers can scroll through advertisements. Conversely, Tik Tok is changing this aspect of social shopping by creating dance crazes with consumer’s favorite influencers.

It is a long road before TikTok can be more significant than Instagram, but Tik Tok will reach similar milestones of hitting one billion monthly active users. Business Insider interviewed said Sherry Jhawar, co-founder of Blended Strategy Group, and he said, “Being at home and not having to run around like we normally do has allowed for people to learn the platform. That has been a barrier for certain content creators up until now, that TikTok is new and feels complicated. But now content creators say they have time to learn it and are putting content out there.” As content creators continue to explore the platform, it is time for retailers to understand this social app as well because the monthly users will be future consumers of their products.